Protect Your Home & Business

We design security camera systems specifically for home Owners and Commercial applications like Grocery stores, Conveniences stores, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Doctors Office, Salons etc. Whether you need to replace existing cameras or in need for new system, we have all solutions available.

We provide complete CCTV design, consultation and installation including:

  • Professional installation of security cameras, including 4K IP cameras
  • Central monitoring stations – View multiple locations from a single monitor
  • Comprehensive user training
  • Maintenance plans
  • Extended warranties
IP Camera Solutions
2MP, 5MP & 4K Cameras available

Replacement DVR with old cameras
High Resolution DVR & NVR

Full compatabilty with existing cameras

Commercial CCTV Solutions

Practical, Cost-effective, Quality systems
Our specialists have extensive knowledge integrating IP and CCTV surveillance technology with your existing infrastructure.
We take the time to listen and respond to your specific requirements.

What sets us apart from other companies is our firm understanding of the variety of security requirements.
As a business owner, one of your top priorities is protecting your property against theft and break-ins as well as dishonest employees.

Protecting your facility with security cameras plays a critical role in improving operations and preventing criminal acts.

Successfull projects

We have successfully completed several type of commercial projects
  • Retail Store
  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurant
  • Fast Food
  • Auto Dealership
  • Auto Shop
  • Car Garrage
  • Truck Parking Yards

    • Manufacturing Facility
    • Distribution Centers
    • Industrial Storage
    • Marine Yards
    • House of worship
    • Day Care
    • Educational
    • Assisted living facility

    • Apartment Complex
    • Hotels & Motel
    • Pet & Animal Places
    • Hospital & Clinics