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We are a leading CCTV, Fire & Security Alarm service provider based in Houston, TX. We are proud to provide most advanced Fire & Security alarm systems available today. All this backed by over 28 years of industry experience.

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We offer security cameras and DVR surveillance systems based on your locations specific needs.

Frequently asked questions

1Are IP Cameras better?
IP Video technology is now firmly established as a mature technology that brings significant benefits to CCTV surveillance applications. This is now a major driving force for the adoption of IP Cameras as there is no equivalent analogue HD camera that can be used in a digital networked IP Video system.
2What is advantge of using Megapixel Cameras?
A single HD megapixel camera can replace several standard 4CIF cameras, thereby reducing costs. A megapixel camera can see more detail in the same field of view or view a wider field of view at the same level of detail.
3What is IP Camera?
An IP fixed camera or dome is a single integrated unit that contains the image sensor, encoder for video compression and transmitter/receiver for the network. All that is needed to connect the camera to the network is a single CAT-5 cable and local power, or just the cable if Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is implemented. IP Cameras enable simple and easy deployment of networked CCTV systems.
4What is Dome Camera?
A dome camera body is housed in a camera box attached onto a ceiling or the like through a camera base a so that it can turn and swing. A camera cover made of metal formed semispherically covers the camera body from the underside, and the camera cover has a shield function of hiding an inside electric circuit and simultaneously preventing unnecessary radiation produced from the electric circuit from being emitted outside.
5Can we use our existing cameras with your DVR?
Yes, we have DVR and NVR system those are compatible with maj

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