Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Protect Your Home & Business - WATCH & RECORD

We offer security cameras and DVR surveillance systems based on your locations specific needs. We begin by providing you with an on-site consultation to create a customized security plan, which our expert technicians will install for you.
Security Camera systems are designed specifically for home Owners and Commercial applications like Grocery stores, Conveniences stores, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Doctors Office, Salons etc.
The systems come complete with Monitor, Digital Video Recorders, Cameras, Cables, brackets and Connectors.

We provide:

Complete design and consultation.
Professional installation of security cameras, including HD IP cameras.

Central monitoring stations – View multiple locations from a single monitor.
Comprehensive user training.

Maintenance plans.
Extended warranties.
We offer unlimited expert support on all of our security cameras and video surveillance systems.

Night Vision Cameras

Brilliant color by day extreme infrared performance by night. An infrared camera uses infrared light instead of the regular lighting spectrum in order to produce better images in complete darkness or low light conditions.

Vandal Proof Cameras

The combination of superior imaging and anti vandal housing assemblies, make these cameras a natural addition to areas that require additional protection.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet security cameras are the most compact and least expensive security cameras. They are very easy to mount and require no additional lens or housing.

Dome Cameras

A dome camera body is housed in a camera box attached onto a ceiling or the like through a camera base a so that it can turn and swing. A camera cover made of metal formed hemispherically covers the camera body from the underside, and the camera cover has a shield function of hiding an inside electric circuit and simultaneously preventing unnecessary radiation produced from the electric circuit from being emitted outside.

License Plate Capture Cameras

LPR (license plate recognition) cameras capture clear license plate images at close-range in all lighting conditions. They employ advanced optics to capture images of vehicles moving up to 30 mph from a 15- to 25-ft. range. These cameras are suitable for gas stations, casinos, tollbooths or any other situation where vehicles enter and exit the property.

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