Networking Services

Having the right company to stand behind your network is as important as the network itself. Our network engineers are experienced professionals, able to support a wide variety of industry leading products from our Global Partners like Microsoft, Dell, and Cisco. We offer pre-paid service plans for both preventive and reactive maintenance.

We offer pre-paid service plans for both preventive and reactive maintenance that include the following services:

End User Support.
Consulting Services.

3rd Party Vendor Liaison.
Network Design, Installation, and Maintenance.

Troubled Network Assessment.
Remote Support Services.

Secure Wireless Connectivity.
Remote Office Support.

Software Support.

Database Support.
Firewall & Router Support.

Server Virtualization and Consolidation.
Large Capacity Data Storage.

Security and Disaster Recovery Planning.
Network Monitoring.

Online Backup.

Network Planning

This involves defining business requirements and growth plans to build a framework for connecting computers and other equipment in the organization. Good network planning eases the process of a suitable network installation. Here users need to consider usage requirements and assess who will manage the network. Usage, maintenance, expansion and security issues also need consideration..

Network design

Here various aspects like the kind of topology, network operating system, the right network interface cards and cabling needs to be considered. If the network is small, a basic topology like ring, bus, mesh or star may be used. But if the network is complex, a hybrid of two or more technologies may need to be implemented. The location of the network cables, various devices, hubs, switches, servers, printers, firewalls, routers and modems needs consideration. Building or leasing regulations that may affect the cabling also need to be kept in mind. Security issues, both within the organization and on the Internet also need consideration.

Support services

You will need to consider the staff for management, security, maintenance and training. Employees will require to adopt new habits while using the network and sufficient training needs to be provided in this regard.
Networks can help people share information, efficiently access the Internet, and work collaboratively. As networks become necessary, it is important to know which technologies will work for your organization. To help make an informed choice on what technologies, hardware and support systems to use, Vipersystems offers its turnkey solutions. Our services enable your organizations to install suitable networks that are easy to upgrade and expand.

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