IP Megpixel Cameras

IP Video technology is now firmly established as a mature technology that brings significant benefits to CCTV surveillance applications. This is now a major driving force for the adoption of IP Cameras as there is no equivalent analogue HD camera that can be used in a digital networked IP Video system.
With the very best H.264 compression and storage technology, Megapixel IP cameras are no longer for specialist projects, but are now being used in mainstream surveillance applications. Projects that consist predominantly of HD IP megapixel cameras are now being deployed.

What is an IP camera?

An IP fixed camera or dome is a single integrated unit that contains the image sensor, encoder for video compression and transmitter/receiver for the network. All that is needed to connect the camera to the network is a single CAT-5 cable and local power, or just the cable if Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is implemented. IP Cameras enable simple and easy deployment of networked CCTV systems.


General Surveillance

A single HD megapixel camera can replace several standard 4CIF cameras, thereby reducing costs. A megapixel camera can see more detail in the same field of view or view a wider field of view at the same level of detail.

Forensic Detail

Many existing analog CCTV systems simply do not provide enough resolution or quality for forensic evidence. Megapixel cameras solve many of these quality/resolution issues. They are ideal for applications where the system wants to identify and record faces, vehicle license plates or objects.

Digital PTZ

IP Megapixel cameras can digitally zoom quicker and with greater detail than analog cameras whilst still recording the whole picture for later analysis. This provides superior performance and is more reliable than mechanical PTZ mechanisms. .

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